Learn To Speak Like a Trucker

CB Radio

What does “eye candy in a pregnant roller skate” mean? Learn this and many other terms in our driver lingo guide.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of speaking to a seasoned truck driver, you know they have a language all their own. So if you want to know what a driver means when he says, “We’ve got a meat wagon headed eastbound with the hammer down. He’s on fire,” this blog post is for you. The following are truck driver terms collected from both seasoned and new truck drivers. Learn from this list, be inspired to coin your own terms, or add to our collection. We would love to hear from you.

10-4: I heard you

30 or 40 Weight: Coffee

Alligator (Gator): Shredded tire on the road

B-Train: Two trailers connected by a fifth wheel trailer

Bad Bear: Trucker pulled over

Barney Fife: Overly-eager police

Bear Bait: A speeding four wheeler without a radio or scanner

Bear in the Air: An airplane or helicopter

Bear Report: Truckers heading opposite directions exchange last know locations of bears (police)

Bear Trap: A speed trap with multiple officers

Beaver: A woman

Beaver with a Kickstand: A Man

Bed Bug Hauler: Furniture mover

Belly Wrap: Straps placed around a load of pipe to keep it bound together

Bobtailing: Driving without a trailer

BTW: Behind the wheel

Bubblegum Machine: A police car with the lights on

Buck 10: 110 km/hour

Buck Board: A flatbed truck with 4-6 wheels

Buster Brown Driver: UPS Driver

Candy Wrapper: A state trooper in an unmarked vehicle

Chicken Coop: Weigh Station

Chicken Lights: Extra marker lights – decorative lights

Choke and Puke: Restaurant

Christmas Tree: A truck and trailer with a lot of lights

City Kitty: Local police officer

Clean and Green: No police or speed trap ahead

Comic Book: Log book

Conestoga wagon: A flatbed with a retractable cover

County Mounty: Sheriff officer

Crazy Four Wheeler: A car or truck driving erratically

Diaper Wrap a Load: Wrap the load from the bottom up

Diesel Bear: Department of Transportation enforcer

Dirty Side Up: Rollover on the highway

Dog Trail: Secondary roads in bad condition

Double Nickel: 55 MPH

Drop and Hook: Dropping off one trailer and picking up another

Eye Candy in a Pregnant Roller Skate: A beautiful woman in a VW Beetle

Flip Flop/Flip Side: Return trip

Four Wheeler: A regular car or truck

Four Wheeler Having a BBQ: A vehicle on fire

Freight Hauler: Van trailer puller

Freight Shaker: Freightliner truck

Front Door: The leader of a group of trucks

Full Grown Bear: Highway patrol

Full Grown Bears Hanging at the Chicken Coop: Get ready to be inspected at the weigh station

Georgia Overdrive: Transmission in neutral going downhill

GO Go Girls: A livestock trailer filled with pigs

Go Go Juice: Fuel

Got your ears on?: Is your CB radio on?

Grass Burners: Exhaust pipes that are low and horizontal

Hammer Down: Accelerating or going to max speed

Hand: Experienced driver

Handle: A driver’s nickname over the CB radio

Hanging Iron: Chaining up

In the Cradle: In the middle of a group of trucks

Jake Break: The engine break

K Whopper: Kenworth truck

Keep the Wheels Between the Ditches and the Bears Out of Your Britches: Keep it legal and safe – A.K.A Have a good trip

Kicker: CB amplifier

Kojak with a Kodak: Policeman with a radar gun

Large Car: A nice-looking, fast rig

Load of Dispatcher Brains: An empty trailer

Meat Wagon: Ambulance

Meet and Turn: Meeting another truck at a predetermined point to exchange trucks or trailers and return home

Monkey Butt: Seat rash from sitting too long

MT: Empty

Need 40 acres: Need to turn around

On Fire: An ambulance or police vehicle with the lights on

On My Back Door: Behind you

On Your Donkey: Close on your back side

Pancake: Brake chamber

Parking Lot: A truck hauling vehicles

Pete: Peterbuilt truck

Pickle Park: A rest area

Pig Tail: Electrical connector to trailer

Plain Wrapper: An unmarked police car

Polar Bear: White car with no writing on it

Possum Belly: A lowboy trailer

Ratchet Jaw: A talkative person

Rolling Billboard: A trailer covered with graffiti or advertisement of some sort

Saddle: Drivers Seat

Salt Shaker: Snowplow

Schneider Eggs: Construction zone barrels

School Bus: A driver trainer with a student driver

Seat Cover: An attractive woman in the passenger seat of a rig

Shake the Bushes: One truck going ahead of others to look for police cars

Shake the Trees and I’ll Rake the Leaves: The lead vehicle will look for police up ahead, the rear vehicle will look for police behind

She Bear: A female police officer

Shining Up For Inspection: A car hauler dragging chains

Shiny Jewelry: Snow chains that have been on for a while

Silver Bullet: A tank trailer

Single Stack Mack with a Window in the Back: Gutless day cab that can’t pull well

Skateboard: An empty flatbed truck

Skating Rink: Black ice or slippery roads

Skip Talk: Talking long distance on a CB radio

Skirts Are Flapping: Loose tarps on a flatbed

Slip Seat: Getting out of one truck and returning home in another at a meet point

Spreading Mayo and Mustard: Crews painting lines on the highway

Stacks: Exhaust pipes that run up the rear corners of a truck cab

Stall and Crawl/Bump and Grind: Stuck in lots of traffic

Steering Wheel Holder: A new or discourteous driver – all they are good for is holding the steering wheel

Stinger: Multiple Axles with variable length tongue that connects to the rear of a load bearing trailer

Suicide Jockey: Driver hauling explosives

Swamp Donkeys: Moose

Swindle Sheets: Pages in a driver’s daily log book

Talk Box: CB radio

The Big Word: A “Closed” sign at a weigh station

The Little Word: An “Open” sign at a weigh station

The Heater is on: CB power boost is on

Thermos Bottle: An insulated Tanker

Through the Woods: Driving on back roads or rural highways

Texas speed bump: An Armadillo on the road

Triple Digits: Over 100 MPH

Trucked Up Pill Driver: A driver who needs to stop and sleep

Turn-N-Burn: Drop a load and start a return trip

Turnpike Doubles: A tractor (truck) pulling two 48′ trailers

Twin Stack Mack: Little truck with a big truck attitude

Wearing Jewelry: A rig and trailer wearing snow chains

White Line Fever: When you are hypnotized by the white line of the highway, and don’t remember how you got where you were going

Wide Nose: Conventional truck with an extended or extra wide hood

Wiggle Wagon: Two to three trailers linked together

Alamo: San Antonio, TX

Big A: Atlanta, GA

Big D: Dallas, TX

Bikini: Miami, FL

Bright Lights: Las Vegas, NV

Chi-Town: Chicago, IL

Cigar City: Tampa, FL

Circle City: Indianapolis, IN

Cow Town: Fort Worth, TX

Disney: Orlando, FL

Gateway/The Arches: St Louis, MO

Gay Bay: San Francisco, CA

Going to the Bottom: McAllen/Brownsville, TX

Guitar/Music City: Nashville, TN

Left Coast: California

Mardi Gras: New Orleans, LA

Mile High: Denver, CO

Queen City: Charlotte, NC

Sand Pile: Phoenix, AZ

Smoke City: Birmingham, AL

The Beach: The Vancouver area

The Shaky Side: California

If you have additional terms you’d like to add, please list them in the comments. Thank you to all who contributed to this post and thank you for all that you do.


3 thoughts on “Learn To Speak Like a Trucker

  1. Fartalicious- A fart that lingers to long in the cab and makes your lot lizerd physically sick

    “I let a fartalicious in the cab to get that lot lizerd out”

  2. Seat Meat: Rookie driver
    shiny side up: don’t wreck
    ER: CB shop
    Bull wagon: cattle hauler
    stage coach: tour bus
    commercial company: lot lizard
    welcome wagon: lot lizard
    baby lot lizards: pigeons or seagulls:

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